Chicago Bears: October Recap

The Chicago Bears came into the month of October with a 3-1 record. After losing to Detroit at the end of September they looked to bounce back in their first game of the month against the New Orleans Saints, who are considered to be a NFC champion contender. They lost this game 26-18. In this game it seem like the Bears were just lost early in the game.

Luckily though they had a short turnaround to get past the loss and get a win on Thursday night against the winless New York Giants at the time. The Bears won this game 27-21 looking impressive on the way going back to the ways they had back in the first three games of the season.

Then their last game of the month was against the Washington Redskins who also had a losing record. This game was a complete shootout with back and forth touchdowns all the way through. Near the end of the first half though the Bears and fans of the Bears worst nightmare came true which was an injury to quarterback Jay Cutler who would be out the rest of the game. The Bears lost the game at the end 45-41. The Bears have a bye week then after have to face the Green Bay Packers on the first Monday of November.

Looking back on this month the Bears just seem out of it. The defense seems like they cannot tackle anyone and give up a huge chunk of running yards and passing yards. The offense seems to have come to life and do not have to rely on wide receiver Brandon Marshall all time now they have other great receivers in Alshon Jeffery and tight end Martellus Bennett. On Monday October 21st we found out that Quarterback Jay Cutler would be out for four weeks with a groin injury and Middle Linebacker and captain of the defense Lance Briggs would be out for six weeks with a shoulder injury.