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October 22, 2013

Centennial Playmakers Rehearse for Murder Mystery

by Fernanda Schaefer

Approximately three weeks ago, the informational flyers for this year’s fall play were taped to Centennial’s yellow halls. As students walked to their next classes, some were intrigued by the title of the play chosen. “Rehearsal for Murder,” a murder mystery as the title implies, was director Sue Aldridge’s pick for this year’s fall play. 

“I love murder mysteries, and we hadn’t done one for quite a while, so I just thought it would be fun,” said Aldridge.

The play, slightly unfamiliar to high school audiences, is based on the then popular 1982 television movie of the same name. Although the original script takes place in the 1980’s, Aldridge took the chance to update it and set Centennial’s production of the play in current times.

In the story, protagonist and playwright Alex Dennison (junior Jack Reeder) is devastated when his fiancée Monica Welles (junior Anne Zola) is found dead apparently of suicide after her debut on Broadway. Certain that his fiancée was in fact murdered by someone involved with the production, Dennison writes a play one year later and invites the suspects to read it as a means to catch the murderer.

Jack Reeder is excited to get to play the lead character of the play that promises to be very captivating.

“[Alex], the main character is also the narrator of sorts. He drives the show a lot, which I found nice because I never actually had that role at a Centennial performance here on the stage, so it has been nice to have that ability to drive the show and push it forward,” commented Reeder.

As the cast members begin their venture into rehearsing for the show, the future spectator can only anxiously wait to see this enthralling murder mystery performed on Centennial’s very own stage.

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