Student of the Week: Nick Beaty

Nick Beaty is a senior at Centennial who loves to have a great time with his friends, no matter what the situation. He was recently named Homecoming King and is also involved in many things after school. Beaty is the student council executive treasurer and goes to nearly all of the CHS sporting events to cheer on his team. The Centinal  was interested in learning more about his life at Centennial and also what he plans on doing this time next year.

The Online Centinal: Did you expect to win Homecoming King?

Nick Beaty: Yeah, kind of, honestly.

OC: What went through your head when you heard your name being announced that you won?

NB: I was excited, and I just wanted my crown really badly.

OC: Was it fun to share that moment with Ellie Davis, the winner of Homecoming Queen?

NB: I was glad that she won; I would have been happy with any of the girls winning, but it was cool to share that [moment] with her.

OC: What are you involved with at Centennial?

NB: Student council and the best student section in the state!

OC: What has been your favorite student section moment in high school?

NB: Probably when we threw the powder for the Central game. That got us ready for the rest of the game.

OC: Where do you plan on attending college, and what are you majoring in?

NB: I want to go to Iowa and major in Psychology. Hopefully one day I’ll be a therapist.

OC: I heard you have a sick rap game, care to elaborate?

NB: I’m the best in the C-U. Wake better watch out. Biz in BIZness the Nickstape will be dropping soon!