Teachers Reach Agreement Before Strike

The talk of a possible teacher strike was widely discussed among the student body a few weeks ago. Many people at Centennial had questions that were left unanswered and students were unaware if this strike would affect them in any way.It was understood that if anything was going to happen, we would not have school for a couple of weeks until they could get things resolved. Rumors quickly spread and worries began to rise. It was said that the time lost during the strike would have to be made up at the end of the year. Unfortunately, at the time, this could not be claimed as true or false.

Seniors at Centennial were mostly affected by this due to the fact that they will be graduating in May, 2014. It was said that seniors would walk the stage in May, but might still have to come back to make up for the time lost during the strike.

It was confusing to the students as to why the strike was even an option. After speaking with a few teachers, they said that they were not getting paid enough for what they do on a daily basis. Teachers are often not paid the amount that they should considering they are improving the lives of hundreds of students every day. This is the reason they were willing to stand up for themselves and demand a better pay.

While the rumors were floating around the school, teachers tried to calm the students down by informing them that it was not final. No one wanted to go on a strike but was willing to if it absolutely necessary.

Fortunately for everyone, the strike never happened. An agreement was made where the teachers felt happy enough to continue as normal. This decision did not only make teachers feel better, but also calmed the nerves of the entire student body.