Celebrating the French Language

French Honor Society is a merit based organization for sharing and spreading the love of the language. Members must maintain an A average in order to qualify. French Honor Society holds a meeting once a month on a Friday morning. Members discuss French culture, history, and the beauty of the language while enjoying croissants and beverages. This year, we will be participating in French week, which is the week of November 4th, along with others that will come later in the year.

French is very important to the members because we have explored and learned about the culture and language and immediately fell in love. For people in the French classes it hardly feels like work; it is fun and interesting to learn how to speak the beautiful language.

The French Honor has those who keep it functioning smoothly. These people are President, Yedidia Hubbard, Vice President, Caila Young, and Treasurer Amira Barre.

The President stated “Every year we try to get shirts to advertise French because unfortunately, it does not get as much air time in America as Spanish.”

Many people are likely to assume that French is mainly spoken in France, and this is a reason why many do not find it as important as spanish. However, it is amazing to learn all the places French is spoken. The French language is fluently spoken in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. It is very important for the French Honor Society members to get this message across.

Those who have committed to the French Honor Society are determined to not only change people’s opinions about the importance of the language, but to hopefully engage them in studying the language and culture as well. It is also very important that the students continue to strive to maintain their excellence in the classroom and help anyone who may need or want it.

To French Honor Society members, it is not important to help others because we “have to” but because we truly love the language and want to pass along this feeling to as many people as we possibly can. French is an unbelievably beautiful and an amazing choice when choosing a language to study throughout late junior high, high school, and college.