This year for Halloween at Centennial High School students dressed in their SPOOKY Halloween apparel.





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Even though most did not dress up at school they are planning to dress to impress this evening. These are some the Halloween costumes that some Chargers are planning to wear.
Amanda C.- ghost
Tony Maltbia – Freddy Kruger
Michael Allen- Ozzy Osborne
Mario M- Chief Keef
Mordan d- cat
Dason- 2pac
Mrs. Downs-princess/pirate
Mrs.bates- the good witch
Eugene Stevenson- wiz khalifa
Ryan Cowell- Brett Favre
Holly Hart- skeleton
Mrs. Plummer- peter pan’s shadow
Aleene lenz- birthday girl
Coleco Buie-Mr. Jackson
Arthur Vannore-Superman
Kanlil Sassa-Miguel
Ben Olson-Ghost
Tyler Thompson-Jason
Kaitlyn Wyss-Dead Clown
Chuck Neitzel-Dad Costume
Laxi Hall-Fred
Jasmine Kyler-Daphne
Greg Huss-Shaggy
Ayla Dew-Scooby
Carina Quiroz-Scrappy
Kate Folts-Velma
Jimmy Fitzgerald-Mr. Bagniefski
Luc Bequette-Some Fat Dude
Stay safe!   Happy Halloween, Chargers