Interact Hosts Haunted High at Centennial

The Interact Club at Centennial High School put on a haunted house at the high school called Haunted High, Sunday October 27th. It was there third annual haunted house and the theme this year was “Haunted Carnival”. From 4:30-5 p.m. the lights were on and it was less scary for the younger children. But everything got into full effect and the real screams started from 5-8 p.m.

The Haunted High cost $5 to get in, or you could donate a gently used pair of shoes. All the proceeds went tot he charity Shoes4Water. Shoes4Water in a National charity provides clean healthy drinking water to African countries like Kenya. To learn more about the charity you can go to

Even though the haunted house was from 4:30-8 p.m. Sunday night, the preparation for it started much sooner. A minimum commitment of 10 hours was required from each Interact member, along with further help from people involved in Student Council, Nation Honors Society, and other clubs at Centennial High school. Senior and Interact member Kate Folts said, “I was on the decorations committee, so I helped come up with ideas for decorations and themes for each room. And I went to a couple Halloween stores to get supplies and ask for donations.” Carina Quiroz said, “I was also a room leader so I was in charge of a specific area in the haunted house. I had to communicate with [the interact executive board] as to what and who were going to be in my room. Setting up and being in charge was stressful but you got to see the school transform into a haunted carnival so that was pretty cool.”

Carina and Kate were also monsters in the haunted house. Kate Folts was an acrobat, and Carina Quiroz was the undead ring leader. They both were in the football locker room that had the overall theme of “Freak Show”. Other rooms in the haunted house included a clown room, a puppet room, an acrobat room, and anything else carnival that would scare you.

Kate Folts said her favorite part of the haunted house was the planning and the actual scaring. She said, “You would be surprised by people’s reactions. It was funny to see who got really freaked out in there, and who was not bothered by it at all.” Her least favorite part was the clean up. They used mixed corn starch, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring to make fake blood. “It was a sticky mess to take down, even if we only put it on plastic wrap and tarps.”

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