Michael Finke Talks Basketball

Michael Finke is a senior at Centennial High School. He has announced that he will be signing on November 13, 2013 to play basketball for the University of Illinois. Finke plays as a power forward/center for the Chargers. When he goes to the U of I, he will be playing stretch forward as a pick and pop player or a pick and roll player. Though there is a lot of stress that comes with it, Finke is extremely excited to continue doing what he loves, which is playing basketball.

The Centinal: How do you feel about the attention you have been getting?

Michael Finke: Even though the attention is very nice, I try not to think about it very much because it is important that I stay humble. I am aware that some people at school give me attention because I am well known, but I tend to spend my extra time with those I have always considered close friends.

The Centinal: What position will you be playing at the U of I, and what type of player will you be?

Finke: I will be playing stretch forward, and I will be playing a pick and pop player or a pick and roll player.

The Centinal: How do you feel about the current basketball season at Centennial?

Finke: We are going to try our best to make a run for state. The pressure has always been very high, but I always do the best I possibly can. If it does not feel like there is pressure being put on you, then you are doing something wrong.

The Centinal: What are the goals for everyone on the Centennial basketball team?

Finke: Everyone’s main goal is to win conference and make it to state. It is very important that we all play as a team and, most importantly, have fun.

The Centinal: Is there anything that you feel the Centennial team should work on as a whole?

Finke: It is important that everyone accepts their own roles, try our best not to be selfish, and work as a team we are.