Centennial Collects Food for Families

Throughout the Thanksgiving season, many families are not as fortunate as others and cannot afford a large Thanksgiving meal. In order to give back, Centennial and many other schools in the Champaign-Urbana area are participating in the Food for Families food drive.

This event is being put on through the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. Anyone can participate by simply donating dry groceries, canned food, or any non-perishable items. You can give the food to any Centennial Interact member through November 22nd or drop it off in the main office. When students donate, the food  goes to a family in need and allows them to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal just like you and I.

When asked why this event was important, Centennial Interact president Chris Piper responded, “I think it’s important because we are so fortunate, and it’s important to give back. We really need to recognize how good we have it.”

So, during this Thanksgiving season when we think about everything we are thankful for, take a second to think about those less fortunate, and make a donation to the Food for Families food drive.