Centennial Senior Launches #30DaysofThankfulness on Twitter

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a time to give thanks for all of the things one has. For many, it is the one day of the year that they stop to think about and say what they appreciate in their lives. Destiny Norris, a senior at Centennial High School, challenged this concept by developing an initiative to post to Twitter one thing she is thankful for with the hashtag #30daysofthankfulness each day of the month of November. 

“The idea [of #30daysofthankfulness] came gradually. There have been a lot of circumstances in my life that I never thought I would find myself in, and you don’t think it can happen to you until it does. It’s been very difficult, but what I’ve learned from it has been invaluable, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Also, I had been realizing more and more often that, even though times are hard, I was finding myself genuinely grateful for things that I had. I’m a missionary kid, so we don’t have that many material items, but it is the things that you can’t buy, like a character trait that a friend or family member has, that just make life a little, or a lot, more pleasant,” said Norris.

With the rise of social media popularity, her initiative seemed to fit right in with Twitter. Norris commented, “I used Twitter because you can easily hashtag something and anyone can find it as long as they know what to look for.”

Destiny Norris is the president of National Honor Society, and she has tried to get the members of the club, along with other people in her life, involved with her initiative.

“As far as others getting involved, I know my sister has been doing it as well. At the end of the day, we’ll get together and read each other’s [tweets] and maybe have a laugh; it always reminds me of how thankful I am that my sister is also one of my best friends!” exclaimed Norris.

She also added, “I have seen a few tweets from other people here and there, which is encouraging even if it’s just a few other people! As long as someone gets the meaning behind the intention, it’s worth it.”

One might wonder how hard it is to get involved with Norris’s project and tweet something every single day. Destiny has a few tips:

“Look each day at the things that make you happy. Look for the parts of people that make you love them or maybe even qualities that you’re thankful that they don’t have. I try to go into each day with a more understanding mindset, if that makes sense, and to dig a little deeper, rather than accept things at face value. If there’s anything I would want people to get out of this, it’s that we are truly blessed to live in a country that has so many freedoms and riches. We won’t have everything, but even the ‘little things’ are more than a lot of people have. Use what you have and are thankful for to make a difference in someone else’s life.”