Student of the Week: Grant Baker

Grant Baker is a senior at Centennial, and he loves to represent the school in whatever ways he can. He represents clubs, such as Student Council and Interact, where he participates in organizing activities like Homecoming and Haunted High. He has enjoyed being a leader in the student section at sporting events and is looking forward to basketball season. Recently, The Centinal was able to catch up with Baker and ask him a few questions.

The Online Centinal: You have been a member of the Blue Crew student section each year at Centennial. What has been your favorite sports memory?

Grant Baker: Probably when we painted our whole bodies for the whiteout football game against Central and then ran around the track after the win.

OC: Where do you plan on attending college, and what would you like to major in?

GB: I plan on going to Ball State and studying sports management.

OC: What is your favorite part about the volunteer opportunities in both Student Council and Interact?

GB: Being able to hang out with friends but at the same knowing that you are doing something good for the school or community.

OC: What is one piece of advice you have for the freshmen this year?

GB: All freshmen, tell Gina Huss to give me a chance… Prom 2014? I love you, Gina.

OC: Last year, you made an amazing prediction in mid-January that Florida Gulf Coast would win their first round game in the NCAA Tournament. Do you have any bold predictions in college basketball this season?

GB: Iowa to the Sweet 16, Kentucky upset in the second round, and a Louisville repeat, but I do not have any mid-major upsets because it is too early in the year to tell.