When is it Too Early for Christmas?

People everywhere are always fighting over how early it is acceptable to put up their Christmas decorations. I went around to talk to people to see when everyone thinks it is okay to put up the decorations.

A large number of people whom I talked to said that any time after Thanksgiving is an okay time to set up their decorations, but some said even that is too early. One person whom I talked to said that the tradional time to set up for Christmas is the day of Christmas, or on Christmas Eve. They say that your Christmas decorations should go from Christmas Eve to what is called “The Epiphany” on January 6th. Seven people said that whenever you want to set up your decorations, that’s when you should set them up.

People everywhere have their own opinion on when to set up Christmas decorations. The important part though is just to have fun with setting up everything and spending time with your family.