ABC Set to Air Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Special on Thanksgiving

Throughout the years, ABC has aired many holiday specials that one could deem successful. This year, however, the network seems to have simply gathered a group of random artists to perform in their 90-minute special Lady Gaga and The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular.

Set to air on Thanksgiving night, the show will mainly consist of Lady Gaga singing holiday songs and songs from her latest album ARTPOP with Muppet sensation Kermit the Frog. The two seem like an unlikely pair, but ABC is definitely playing off Lady Gaga’s Kermit the Frog dress from four years ago. If the network had not allowed so much time to elapse between when Gaga wore the outfit and the airing of their holiday special, the public might not have been so confused as to why it would be appropriate for the two to perform together. However, having the special aired this Thanksgiving makes the selection of the duo seem arbitrary.

Even more random is the line-up of other guests set to perform in the special. Strangely enough, Lady Gaga will duet with Sir Elton John and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, among others. The show will also include a sketch with actress Kristen Bell and the other Muppets. It is difficult to understand how ABC thought all these performers could fit together in a single holiday special, but hopefully this combination will not end in a disaster.

Centennial senior Carina Quiroz also believes that networks today are simply gathering celebrities to put in their variety shows. “Holiday specials just have random people now,” said Quiroz.

Another purpose for having the Muppets in this show is to promote their latest film Muppets Most Wanted set to hit theaters in March. A preview of the film will be aired in the special.

One can only hope that ABC is successful in their choice of having Lady Gaga and the Muppets together in their holiday variety show. If this fails, however, one can be certain that the pairing will go down in holiday special history.