Centennial Expressions to Perform with Kenny Rogers

Centennial Expressions performs regularly around the community at events such as Illini Friday and recently alongside Centennial Orchestra at the Orchestra’s winter concert. These performances are normal occurrences that the choir students are used to, but Expressions has been given the opportunity to perform for an audience much larger than usual.  Continue reading Centennial Expressions to Perform with Kenny Rogers

Seniors: Tis the Season

“Tis the season for an ugly Christmas sweater!” said the class of 2014. Centennial seniors managed to carry on yet another school tradition by wear ugly Christmas sweaters, or any festive holiday wear that they owned! Dozens of seniors are all dressed up for this exciting day, making for a very festive high school. Hallways filled with reindeer, penguin, and light-up sweaters surely seem to brighten any dreary, cold day in Champaign!

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Illinois vs. Missouri Basketball Preview

This Saturday, December 21 at 4:30, the Illinois basketball team takes on the Missouri Tigers in this year’s edition of the Busch Braggin’ Rights game in St. Louis, Missouri. The event has taken place in late December every year since 1980 and has showcased some of the closest games in one of the fiercest rivalries in college basketball today. The Illini hold the advantage in all-time wins, going 27-16 overall, aided by a streak of nine straight wins between 2000 and 2008. That has now been followed up by four straight wins by Missouri going into the game this Saturday. The past two years, the matchup has included both teams being ranked, with #25 Illinois falling to #9 Missouri 74-78 in 2011, and #10 Illinois once again falling to #12 Missouri 73-82 in 2012.

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Appreciate a Real Holiday Experience

Holidays lie. In all the books, commercials and movies, the holidays are depicted very idealistically. Holidays are always presented as perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, magical moments—whether it be the type with the perfect family of four who eat cookies and never stop grinning (even in their sleep), and whose biggest dilemma is where the angel on the top of the tree went; or whether it be the type to include a wild adventure or fatal happening, and then the heart warmth of it all is how they manage to have a nice holiday despite their ludicrous (or dismal) surroundings. In either situation, there are those “magical moments” that leave upon any observant (whether it was the creator’s intention or not­) the impression that “this is how the holidays are quite normally spent.” Those images create a type of expectation for real life to be this way. Supposedly, these standards are sometimes met, but in a normal life, it is usually unusual for holidays like these to exist. More often, it is the individual peculiarities of each celebration that make the holidays worth it.

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Centennial Makes Christmas Plans

What is the “most wonderful time of the year” Christmas, of course! Although receiving gifts and eating some great food is a part of Christmas, it isn’t the most important part.  Spending time with the family and being able to enjoy each other’s presence is what Christmas is all about.  As Christmas is approaching, The Centinal wanted to know what were some students and faculty’s plans or traditions for the holiday season. Continue reading Centennial Makes Christmas Plans

Student of the Week: Kirkland Butcher

Kirkland Butcher may “trick” you into thinking that he is a regular student. However, after a few minutes of lively conversation with him, he turned out to have a big magician’s hat full of surprises. Indeed he is a magician, but he wants to be known as an illusionist or performer instead. His passion revolves around performing magic tricks that leave people speechless. It is rare to find people that are passionate about doing magic tricks and excel at them. Although a majority of his time is filled with practicing magic tricks, Kirkland manages to be involved in a variety of clubs and study for his classes. He is currently learning his Spanish, Russian, and even some Latin. His unique personality, magic skills, and intelligence is why he is this week’s Student of the Week.

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Turkish Music Meets Centennial

Centennial’s Band Director and Guitar Teacher Michael Allen gave his students a great opportunity (funded by the American Turkish Society) to learn about the culture and music of Turkey. Tufan Sevim, a musician from Turkey, is in America receiving his masters degree in business and was asked to teach students about his country and its music. To begin the class, Sevim began by presenting a brief PowerPoint about the history of Turkey and the city that he is from. It was nice how he introduced himself because it gave the students a chance to learn about a culture that many are completely unfamiliar with.

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The Centennial Cheerleaders are still Qualified to Win

Last weekend, Sunday, December 15th, the Centennial High school cheer-leading team had their first competition of the year. Coached by last years coach Melody Dreger the Chargers won second place, also qualifying for ICCA state. ICCA stands for Illinois Cheer-leading Coaches Association and you qualify for it by placing high in competitions and earning a high enough score. A cheer-leading team can also go to IHSA, Illinois High School Association, state too. However to qualify for IHSA state you have to place in the top five at Sectionals.

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