The Death of Paul Walker

This article was written with Samantha Hayek.

Paul Walker was a 40 year old actor who was most famous for his appearances in the Fast and the Furious movie series.

He became famous in 1999 after filming his movie called Varsity Blues. He later became even more famous as Brian O’Connor in the film franchise The Fast and the Furious. Paul Walker died before being able to finish the 7th movie in the series. The producers were planning a spin-off trilogy but because of Paul Walker’s death, it is uncertain if it will happen.

Paul Walker died in a car crash on November 30th, 2013. He was in the passenger seat of his friend Roger Rodas’s  2005 Porsche Carrera GT, driving home from his charity event Reach Out Worldwide. The police believe they were speeding, possibly drag racing, when the driver lost control and the car ran into a light pole and a tree. Paul Walker died of traumatic and thermal injuries, because the car caught on fire. The police annouced Paul Walker and Roger Rodas both dead at the scene.