Student of the Week: Devin Kyler

This week’s Student of the Week is Centennial’s junior Devin Kyler. Devin is an student-athlete here at Centennial who plays not only basketball, but also volleyball and soccer. Devin has started on varsity soccer since her freshman year. Besides sports, Devin is an outgoing intelligent girl who is also caring. I’ve gotten a chance to sit down and talk with Devin, and I asked her several questions.

The Centinal: What sports do you play besides basketball? What’s your favorite?

Devin Kyler: Volleyball and soccer. My favorite is basketball because I’m better at it.

The Centinal: How do you think the team is doing this year?

Kyler: We are 3-2 so that’s good, and we have a lot of potential.  I think we will do very well towards the end of the year.

The Centinal: What position do you play in basketball?

Kyler:  I start as small forward on varsity.

The Centinal: What do you do besides sports?

Kyler: FCA, which is Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Every Thursday morning we meet and have a little small group.

The Centinal:  How was your volleyball season?  What was your favorite moment?

Kyler: It was really good; we went to super sectionals. My favorite moment was when Sidney (Butts) was pushing the cart full of volleyballs and she tripped so all the balls fell over.

The Centinal: How do you think soccer is going to be this year?

Kyler: We lost a lot of good players, but we still have some good players left.