As Seen on the Show! Gift Ideas for Television Fans

Christmas is approaching rather quickly, which may leave the people who have not yet picked out presents for their loved ones uneasy. Sometimes it is quite hard to single out a perfect gift, even if you know the person who will receive it extremely well. If the recipient is a dedicated fan of a television show, however, the task of picking out a Christmas gift becomes a lot easier. Thankfully, some television networks or affiliated stores sell items that have appeared on shows. Those items make excellent gifts. Here are some ideas for what to give to a dedicated television show fan for Christmas.

Human Being

Greendale Human Being Plush as Seen on Community 

Every Community fan can never forget the episode when Dean Pelton struggled to create a mascot free of stereotypes for Greendale Community College. The result was the creepy-looking Human Being. In the sixteenth episode of the first season, the Greendale Human Being plush made its first appearance on the show, and soon after, the item was available on the NBC Store. Four seasons later, the plush is still for sale at the online store for $12.00.

Sterling Cooper and Partners Mug

Sterling Cooper & Partners Mug as Seen on Mad Men

After so many mergers and name changes, Mad Men fans are glad that the advertising agency in the show has a stable name now. The name decided on was Sterling Cooper & Partners, and the logo for the agency was even featured on a mug in the show’s sixth season finale. Mad Mennies can enjoy drinking out of the official replica of the mug that sells for $14.99 at CafePress.

Waffle Necklace

Waffle Necklace as Worn by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation

All Parks and Recreation fans know that the show’s protagonist loves waffles. She even wears a scented waffle necklace at times. The very same necklace is available on the NBC Store for $28.95, so fans can experience what it feels like to wear an accessory that was featured on their favorite television show.

Heisenberg Hat

Hat Worn by Heisenberg on Breaking Bad

There are many dedicated Breaking Bad fans who were sad when the series ended this season. If you are familiar with such a fan and is dedicated to him or her, you can purchase the official hat that Heisenberg wore on the show from Goorin Brothers Hat Shop for $149.00. As an extremely expensive gift, the level of dedication on both the giver’s and the recipient’s parts must be very high.

Douchebag Jar

Douchebag Jar as Seen on New Girl

Ever since the show’s first episode, fans have been delighted with Schmidt’s encounters with the Douchebag Jar. Always saying things that are frowned upon by the roommates, Schmidt has had to put money in the jar multiple times. There was even an entire episode dedicated to the story of why he was forced to put $50 in the jar. The official Douchebag Jar is available at the Fox Store for $9.99, so New Girl fans can force their own friends to put money in it whenever they say or do something unacceptable.