Bears Recap: Week 15

This week saw the Chicago Bears take on the Cleveland Browns. It also saw the return of starting quarterback Jay Cutler after a month long absence from an ankle injury. The Bears need to win to stay in the race for the NFC North Division Title.

The Browns scored the only points of the first quarter with a 35 yard field goal making the score 3-0 in the Browns favor after one quarter. The Bears tied it early in the second quarter with a 23 yard field goal. The Browns scored a touchdown with a 44 yard interception return making the score 10-3 in the Browns favor once again. The Bears answered back though with a late touchdown pass from Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall tying the game at 10-10 at the end of the half. At the start of the second half the Bears got the first strike with a 43 yard interception return for a touchdown making the score 17-10, Bears. The Browns scored two touchdowns to end the third quarter giving them the lead at the end of the quarter 24-17. Bears would go on to score 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter giving them the lead 38-24. The Browns were able to get one late touchdown but not enough time to come back so the Bears won this game 38-31.

Jay Cutler looked very well in his first throws until he threw and interception in the redzone but Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall would take the blame for that one “ Well, the ball was in the endzone, that interception was on me.” The second interception though was all on Cutler after just letting the ball sail on him it was too high for Marshall to catch. He played well though overcoming early adversity to lead the team to the win which is all that matters. One thing to note is that the Defense still needs work to do if they want to stop Philadelphia next week.

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*standings before Detroit’s Monday Night game.