The Centennial Cheerleaders are still Qualified to Win

Last weekend, Sunday, December 15th, the Centennial High school cheer-leading team had their first competition of the year. Coached by last years coach Melody Dreger the Chargers won second place, also qualifying for ICCA state. ICCA stands for Illinois Cheer-leading Coaches Association and you qualify for it by placing high in competitions and earning a high enough score. A cheer-leading team can also go to IHSA, Illinois High School Association, state too. However to qualify for IHSA state you have to place in the top five at Sectionals.

Last year the Centennial High School cheer-leading team went to both IHSA state and ICCA state; hopefully they will be able to qualify and compete at both states again this year. They  lost five seniors from last year, which made them lose some of their best tumblers. To overcome this lose they have been training all Summer and football season working on new tumbling passes and made their routine even better.

Junior Maddie Deval who is a base for Centennial cheer said, “We did really well for our first competition. I think we are going to be really good this year. We have great skills and our routine is looking amazing.