Dance Moms Dance Back Into The Scene

This article was written with Kelly Braghini.

Dance Moms follows Abby Lee Miller and her junior elite competition dance team and their moms. The moms are more competitive than their daughters and want to be successful no matter what.

Abby is the girls’ coach, and she expects nothing but the best from the girls. Every episode Abby has a pyramid, which is where the girls are ranked based on their last performance. Abby’s leading lady Maddie always gets all the attention because she’s always at the top of the pyramid. Melissa is Maddie’s mom, and she is hated by the other moms because of her daughter’s success.

Paige and Brooke are sisters on the team. Paige is younger than Brooke, though she is better than her older sister. Brooke likes to sing more than she likes to dance, so she doesn’t get as much opportunity to dance as everyone else. Their mom, Kelly, gets very angry when her daughters don’t get what Kelly wants.

Nia is the only African American on the team. She has come very far since the beginning of the show. Though she doesn’t get as much attention as Maddie, she still gets a lot of opportunity to dance and is one of Abby’s favorites. Her mom, Holly, took a leave of absence from her job as a principal, just to become more involved in her daughter’s dance life. She doesn’t get as mad as the other moms when her daughter doesn’t get as much attention from Abby.

Chloe is Abby’s second favorite on the team. She is not as skilled as Maddie, but her mom, Christy, thinks she is better than Maddie. Christy has gotten forcibly removed from several competitions due to her exuberance for her daughter’s performance. But because Chloe is Abby’s second favorite, she always gets invited back.

Kendall was a studio hopper. By the time she came to Abby’s studio, she had already been to three different studios. Her mom, Jill, always goes farther than the other moms to get her daughter ahead. Jill has already left the studio once to go to Abby’s competitors, which caused Abby to freak out and want Kendall back.