Spectrum Showcases Centennial’s Talent

Spectrum, Centennial high school’s annual talent show, was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday last week January 16th, 17th, and 18th. The show started at 7 and ended  around 9. Spectrum had a variety of talents including singing, dancing, spoken word poems, funny skits, and different musical instruments.

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Photos by Kirklyn Butcher

Centennial Senior Rachel Burner was featured in three different acts of the show. One of them was a trio with Faith Middleton and Jacqueline Corum. Rachel sang and signed the lyrics to the popular Imagine Dragons song Demons, while Jacqueline also signed and Faith played the guitar and sang.

Other popular acts included performances from the Centennial jazz band, dance team, color guard, and drum line. It was a fun opportunity for clubs and teams to showcase their talent that people normally wouldn’t get to see.

Another personal favorite in the show was the group Kick Brass. An ensemble of brass instruments like the trumpet, trombone, and tuba, performing songs like “Wrecking Ball” and “What does the Fox Say?” with fun dance choreography. Kick Brass has performed at Spectrum before and is entirely made up of Seniors, including B.J Yu, Trent Sandford, Alec Keeler, Geordie Lindemann, Connor Rice, and Richard Langlois on the drums.

Overall Spectrum was a hit! The talent there was great and a lot of people surprised the audience with talents never seen before. A big thank you goes out to all involved for putting on such a great entertaining show.