Teens for Jeans Project Helps Teens in Need

Ever find yourself with extra jeans taking up room in your closet? Then what better way to find use for them than to donate them to others in need?! Centennial senior Olivia Knox has started a charity campaign called “Teens for Jeans” to collect jeans that will be donated to struggling youth in our community. Anyone can donate unwanted jeans of any style and size to help the teens in our area; it’s as easy as that! There is a drop box located right here at Centennial in the main office, and another located at downtown’s Cream & Flutter.

Olivia first became aware of this project while looking on dosomething.org, an organization made up of youth focused on contributing to social change. This project really stood out to Olivia because it was something she really felt a personal connection to. She immediately knew this was something she wanted to become a part of, and there would be nothing stopping her!

It wasn’t easy at first to get it started in the school. “Administration didn’t help as much as I would have liked,” said Olivia, “but I had such a strong feedback from the school clubs and community that it got much easier.”


School clubs and organizations, such as Interact, offered to step in and help even before she came to them to ask for it. This helped get the word spread faster and helped Olivia gain the support she needed to get this project on track for the success she wanted to see happen.

Because the end of senior year is approaching, Olivia is already starting to look for ways to continue giving back to the community once out of high school, “I’ve really been looking more into serviced based clubs at the college level for next year.”

It’s no wonder, the project has been doing well so far. Olivia said, “I really expect it to take off now, especially with all the help I’m getting from clubs.” The project ends on February 16th, so there’s still plenty of time to donate your jeans and help the youth in need!

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  1. Carina, I run a local non-profit called His Kid’s Closet which is operating at 5 elementary schools and 1 middle school in Champaign. I’ve been trying to get it started at Centennial and I was thinking that His Kid’s Closet and Jeans for Teens would make perfect partners. Please share my info with Olivia Knox, it seems like our organizations have very similar goals! Check us out on Facebook for more info https://www.facebook.com/HisKidsCloset Thanks so much for writing this article, what a great initiative!

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