New Year, New Me

A new year means a new start for many people, and new years resolutions are the perfect way to start off the year on the right foot. These inspiring resolutions have created an overload of gym memberships, and a shortage of health foods at the local grocery store. This ‘get fit’ mentality is not the only resolution we have come across. Improvements in the classroom and social lives have popped up many times when students were asked about their resolutions, and those were not the only ones. When students at Centennial were asked what their resolutions were, they said…

– Get better grades (18)

– Go to the gym more often/eat healthier (12)

– Go on a gluten-free diet

– Have a better relationship with parents (3)

– No resolution (6)

– Become more involved in school, church, etc. (2)

– Grow my hair back out long and healthy

– Dress nicer for school (3)

– Be smarter with my money (4)