Centennial Offers a Variety of Electives

There are many great electives to take at Centennial High School. They range anywhere from economics to power and automotive tech to art.

Music electives, such as Band and Choir, are popular. Below are a few opinions on those electives.

  • “Lesser of two evils,” said Stewart Allan. He is currently taking band and says it’s the more peaceful one of his two electives.
  • “I like playing the guitar,” said Eliot Gallardo. Taking Guitar as his elective, he started this year and is loving it!
  • “Learned to strive for the best,” said Mr. Heller. He is a substitute teacher here at Centennial, and he took band as an elective when he went here. He said it made him very competitive.
  • “Very fun,” said Gilliane Tlavera. Choir, she says, is very fun and her favorite elective.

Students can gain a new appreciation for a subject through Centennial’s electives.

  • “It’s fun and easy,” said Muhammad Ouzidane. He is currently taking power and automotive tech.
  • “I get to express myself,” said Loren Murray, who is taking art.
  • “Get to learn a different language,” said Kameron Baker. He takes Spanish.
  • “Teacher is very cool,” said Kristen Lopez, who is taking photography.
  • ‘Love Business,” said Eran Scheeter. Taking Economics, he says it’s also helping him prepare for his future.

These are only a few electives offered here at Centennial, with so many electives there’s something for everyone.