Super Bowl XLVIII: Recap

The 2013-2014 NFL Season comes to an end with Super Bowl XLVIII. The AFC champions Denver Broncos took on the NFC champions Seattle Seahawks. The biggest storyline of the game was will the #1 offense overcome the #1 defense? Also would the weather be a factor in the game? When the game started it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit so weather would not play a factor.

The first scored occurred in the first twelve seconds of the game with a safety from the Broncos when a miscommunication between the center and quarterback Peyton Manning giving the Seahawks a early lead 2-0. This also started a snowball effect for the downfall of the broncos. The Broncos were never able to get back into their usual offense as they were held scoreless through the first half. Seattle on the other hand were playing well on all 3 phases of football there defense were able to get turnovers and the offense rendered the Broncos to miss all kinds of tackles. The special teams were able to keep the Broncos return game at a minimal. At the end of the first half the score was 22-0. After the halftime festivities the Seahawks still played with the same kind of enthusiasm from the first half. They started the second half with a bang with a kickoff return for a touchdown. Denver was able to get at least one touchdown and a two point conversion but it was a little too late as the score at the end of the third quarter was 36-8. The Seahawks tacked on one more touchdown making the final score 43-8 giving the Seattle Seahawks there first ever Lombardi Trophy.

I think the safety was the one that haunted the Broncos through the rest of the game as it seem they could not get any of their offense going it also didn’t help with their 4 interceptions. Seattle just played a perfect game against the Broncos they were able to break tackles and get open for quarterback Russell Wilson who is only in his 2nd year as starting quarterback. Wilson was also well at getting out of the pocket to extend plays and have long extended drives to wear out the Broncos defense. All in all the old moniker of defense wins championships is still alive. Will we see either of these two teams in Glendale,Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.