Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation towards someone.  This person does not necessarily have to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, but your friends and family members as well.  If you don’t have much money to spend and are limited on time, this gift guide will be perfect for you.

Buying for your girlfriend can be tricky and one thing that girls love more than anything is something hand made.  Instead of picking up a card at the store while you are buying her flowers and chocolates, make one yourself. Nothing says you care about her, more than something you took time to make.  All you need is some construction paper, markers or pens, and your thoughts about her onto the paper.  A store-bought card could not possibly say anything better than the personal, romantic things you had to say yourself.

Now, what about dinner? There is no need to take her out to eat when you can make her dinner yourself.  You can surprise your lady to her favorite dish with a few candles around the table.  Dessert can be done easily as well.  Every girl loves sweets, so this is easy! You could make her brownies and cut them in the shape of hearts, dip strawberries into chocolate, or anything else you can possibly think of. She will love it.  Your girlfriend will be so ecstatic that you took all this time to make her things yourself; there is no need for any other gifts.

Girls, don’t stress too much about impressing your boyfriends.  Sometimes it is easy to feel as if you need to buy your men something nice because they go through so much making sure you are happy.  Most of all, showing your appreciation for whatever your guy does, will make him feel great.   You too, can make a personalized card for him.  Anytime you take time to put your thoughts down onto paper, they will feel loved.  Men love to eat, and that is something everyone knows, so gifts for him are easy.  Almost all guys have a special snack or candy.  If you already know what he likes, you can go to the store and buy this for him. Lets say he loves Milano Cookies, you could buy him an assortment of these and give them to him as a special gift.  He would love this not only because it is his favorite snack, but also because you put the thought into buying that just for him.

As I said before, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated between friends.  Buying your friends gifts this holiday is very thoughtful.  If you are buying for a girl, you could buy her a necklace or nail polish she has been wanting for awhile.  If you are buying for a guy, you could get him a hat, or that videogame he has been talking about.  Male or female, a great gift you could buy them are little candies such as M&M’s, Recess Cups, or anything you know they like, and put it into a glass jar.  Once the candies are inside, take a pink or red ribbon and tie it at the top of the jar to make it look more festive.

No matter who you are buying for, if you take the time to personalize a gift for someone, they will be extremely grateful.  Think of who you are buying or making things for and customize the gift to fit their likings, and it will turn out great.  If you’re in a rush, on a budget, or just want to do something special for the person you love, making them a meal is always a great way to go. Never feel bad about not being able to purchase something, taking the time to make them something shows you care and how much you love them. Good luck, and Happy Valentines Day!