Why People Have Mixed Feelings About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. This holiday stirs up feelings of joy and excitement as well as lonlieness and sadness. Valentine’s Day is a day to remind some one you love them. In our minds, this day is meant for love struck couples whether they are girlfriend/boyfriend or married.

So why do people love Valentine’s Day?

“People love Valentine’s because its an opportunity to give someone something without making it a big deal. It’s also a way for me to show my girlfriend I appreciate her.” Senior, Sammy Lack.

Why are others bothered by the idea of it?

“Not everyone has a Valentine. It can make someone feel lonely or un-loved. It’s almost like everyone has some one special when actually a lot of people aren’t in a relationship.” Senior, Miaya Peacock.

Valentine’s day can also be for you single folks. hangout with friends or maybe your siblings. Everyone deserves a love reminder now and then. You’re already surrounded by people who love you. So girls…don’t always expect a handsome man to come sweep you off your feet and take you to a romantic get away. And guys, the girl of your dreams will not just randomly show up. Despite the different types of love we show, it’s about making people you care about feel appreciated.