Student of the Week: Blue Man

This article was written with Luigi Fabi.   

The Blue Man has been chosen as Student of the Week because he has been an uplifting part of the Centennial High School spirit for a few years now. Whenever you see that blue suited figure coming out of the crowd running madly, it always turns up the noise in the stands. Having that presence comes with some drawbacks, though. Recently, the Blue Man’s career has been put into jeopardy by doing stunts that have caused much of the administration to put a target on his back. Even though he is heavily wanted by the opposition, the Blue Man has made two huge appearances in both the Centennial versus Central football and home basketball game. Luckily, The Centinal got a chance to meet up with the reclusive suited figure and get an interview with him. Continue reading Student of the Week: Blue Man

Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

The first things that come to mind when I reminisce about my viewing of Wolf of Wall Street is simply this: money, sex, drugs and, consequently, crazed expressions shared between my unexpecting friend and I. I was nearly taken aback at the extremity to which the film expressed its crude and rogue behaviors. However, there is more to the film than meets its (engagingly superfluous) eye.

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