Student of the Week: Blue Man

This article was written with Luigi Fabi.   

The Blue Man has been chosen as Student of the Week because he has been an uplifting part of the Centennial High School spirit for a few years now. Whenever you see that blue suited figure coming out of the crowd running madly, it always turns up the noise in the stands. Having that presence comes with some drawbacks, though. Recently, the Blue Man’s career has been put into jeopardy by doing stunts that have caused much of the administration to put a target on his back. Even though he is heavily wanted by the opposition, the Blue Man has made two huge appearances in both the Centennial versus Central football and home basketball game. Luckily, The Centinal got a chance to meet up with the reclusive suited figure and get an interview with him.

The Online Centinal: What made you want to be Blue Man?

Blue Man: It sounded like it would be fun. I had nothing better to do, and I wanted to be a Centennial legend!

OC: Were you born as Blue Man, or is it something that developed over time?

BM: I drew the short straw at the secret meeting.

OC: Do you plan out what you are going to do on the court/field, or is it just a heat of the moment decision?

BM: I try my hardest to plan out every event, but they always go badly, so I am just left to improvise.

OC: Were you inspired by anyone to pursue your Blue Man career?

BM: Last year, Ramy Akram-Ahmed set a new standard for Blue Men. His only problem was his inability to escape. I strived to improve on his mistakes.

OC: How do you get away from the administration so well?

BM: I follow the rules of the 3 D’s: Dip, Duck, and Dive.

OC: Did you prefer being Blue Man at the basketball or football game?

BM: The atmosphere at the basketball game was a lot more fun. But at the football game, I was much more nervous and was proud of myself after I did it. Especially after I came back in the game after I did it.

OC: Do you plan on expanding your Blue Man duties to more than just CHS events?

BM: I was planning on making an appearance at the Sochi Olympics but got held up by security.

OC: Do you plan on making another appearance this year?

BM: I guess you will just have to make your way out to the games and see!