Athletes Forced to Adapt to Snow Days

This article was written with Luigi Fabi.

Centennial students, faculty and the community are well aware that there have been 5 snow/cold days in the 2013-2014 school year. Students and teachers have had to work to make up their academic responsibilities and to not fall behind. Schoolwork can easily be made up and tests will be taken regardless of snow days, but other aspects of student life such as extracirriculars and sports cannot be.

Centennial athletics have especially felt the effects of the cold temperatures and heavy snowfall this winter. According to Mr. Brian Easter, 12 girls basketball games, 12 boys basketball games, 2 swim meets, and 2 wrestling meets were all cancelled due to inclement weather. This includes freshman, JV and Varsity events. Some meets and games were able to be rescheduled, but many were not.

“The more teams you throw in, the more complicated it gets to reschedule,” Mr. Easter said. Cheerleading was especially flexible and resilient with the weather cancellations, as they had many practices preceding Sectionals cancelled but still did well and went on to place 6th in State finals. Mr. Easter noted that the cheerleaders were awesome despite the circumstances they were in.

Practice is cancelled each time school is, but sports teams have found a way to be flexible. “Swimmers have found a way to maintain their fitness,” Mr Easter said. Although coaches cannot organize practices elsewhere on snow days, athletes are able to find alternatives to practicing at school if need be.

“Some, not all, went to the Y where they could practice,” Senior Nathan Martin said. This was mainly applicable to the swim team, as there are other swimming facilities to practice at in Champaign-Urbana. Other teams found more difficulty getting practice space for the whole team. The swim team’s senior night was cancelled indefinitely due to two snow days, which caused distress to the Senior boys.

Although weather-related cancellations prove frustrating for Centennial athletes, parents and faculty, it is for safety. Dr. Judy Weigand, Superintendant of Unit 4, commented on snow day decisions. “I ask for information on school events but it does not really influence the decision. If the roads are bad then events simply need to be cancelled and rescheduled.”

Whether the snow day spree is over or will continue, Centennial athletics will continue to win and achieve. “I do believe our sports teams are resilient,” Mr. Easter said.