The Divergence of Divergent

In the world of literature, apocalyptic dystopia is no walk in the park for anyone involved; but in the future world of Divergent, it’s particularly harsh on teens. “Divergent” is the latest in a string of young adult books to produce a movie franchise.  At the heart of Veronica Roth’s YA bestseller is a provocative existential dilemma involving adolescence and identity: At the age of 16, everyone must choose which of society’s stringently defined sections they’ll join. That could mean staying on home turf or leaving loyalty to blood far behind, and it’s an irreversible decision. Beatrice veers from her inherent faction and chooses the Dauntless, brave warriors who protect society. Chaos ensues. In an era when kids are constantly pressured to launch a career against their liking, it’s an idea with particular resonance.

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SPIN-OFF TV SERIES: How I met Your Dad

The oh-so-loved How I met Your Mother TV series, starring Josh Radnor, is coming to an end this month but the producers of the show aren’t ready to pack up yet! The co-creators of this show, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, along with Up All Night creator Emily Spivey, are coming together to create a spin-off series premiering fall of 2014 called How I Met Your Dad. The show, which would star a female character lead, would follow the female perspective of how a woman meets her future husband.

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The Eric Show Features Centennial Artwork

The fifth annual Eric Show held its opening ceremony on Friday, March 14 at the Illini Union. Twenty-two Centennial students had artwork featured in the show. Senior Rachel Chung received an honorable mention for her drawing. Below is a list of all the students who participated and a slideshow of their artwork.  The show will be open to the public through March 28th. Continue reading The Eric Show Features Centennial Artwork

Student of the Week: Anna Ulanova

Some people might believe that in order to be a good candidate for college acceptance one must be in a sport.  The truth is, colleges also look for someone who is involved in clubs and other extra curricular activities.  Anna Ulanova,  freshman at Centennial, is involved in several extra curricular activities.  She is able to manage good grades and clubs after school which is why she was chosen as Student of the Week. Continue reading Student of the Week: Anna Ulanova

Veronica Mars Returns Thanks to Kickstarter Project

In the age of fandoms, it has become commonplace for dedicated fans to want to bring back their beloved television shows that have been canceled for years. Arrested Development returned last year in the form of a new season, and this year, thanks to a record-breaking Kickstarter project, Veronica Mars will return in the form of a movie.  Continue reading Veronica Mars Returns Thanks to Kickstarter Project