Spotlighting Science Olympiad

Do you ever just have that competitive urge? The feeling of needing to prove that you are in fact smarter than that kid that always raises their hand in class? Well, you’re not alone; Centennial is home to the Science Olympiad team, a group of students who share a passion to go above and beyond what the science classes here have to offer. It might seem crazy voluntarily doing extra studying on top of all the work teachers give students, but that’s what makes this team extraordinary.

Science Olympiad competitions are like an academic version of a track meet, consisting of a series of 23 events and fifteen members on a team. These events cover every aspect of science one could think of, ranging from things like earth science and anatomy, all the way to forensics and mechanical engineering.

Competitions last a majority of the day with each event lasting for about an hour. Team members hardly can catch a chance to sit down with most of them rushing to get goggles and lab coats. Events can come in many forms, like tests, hands-on labs, or testing an already built device.

Although there is only one major competition the team competes in before advancing to State, there is PLENTY of work that goes into preparing, whether it be memorizing the entire anatomy of the human body or building a device that moves solely on the power of magnetism. It takes a certain kind of student to stay 100% committed.

To get a feel of what really goes into being a member of the Science Olympiad team The Centinal talked to Wendy Pan, a senior here at Centennial.

The Centinal: How’s the season going so far?

Pan: Great! Right now everyone’s been cracking down on their studying and getting ready for Regionals coming up.

The Centinal: What’s the atmosphere of being on the team like?

Pan: It’s pretty chill. It’s a lot of preparing on your own and with your event partner, so it’s nice to work on your own schedule. There’s a lot of work that goes into it; you basically have to teach yourself things most people never even heard of before. The night before Regionals is probably the most stressful.

The Centinal: What’s that like?

Pan: It’s kind of hectic; we all meet up for an all-nighter to finish all the stuff we haven’t studied or built yet. You’ll witness procrastination at its finest the night before Regionals; you could almost compare it to training for the Olympics, but it’s exciting in a nerdy way.

The Science Olympiad team is counting down the days until Regionals, which will be held on March 8th at Parkland College. The team has qualified for State the past several years, so it’s safe to say they have a handle on the whole science thing.

Let’s wish our team luck! And may the odds be ever in their favor!