Veronica Mars Returns Thanks to Kickstarter Project

In the age of fandoms, it has become commonplace for dedicated fans to want to bring back their beloved television shows that have been canceled for years. Arrested Development returned last year in the form of a new season, and this year, thanks to a record-breaking Kickstarter project, Veronica Mars will return in the form of a movie. 

Without the financial help from Veronica Mars fans, called Marshmallows, the movie would never have been possible. Starting on March 13 of last year, 91,585 Marshmallows raised $5,702,153 for the production of the film, more than twice the stated goal of $2,000,000. The goal was met in just ten hours after Rob Thomas, the show’s creator and the movie’s screenwriter and director, started the project, showing the dedication of the exhilarated fans. Every single backer received a reward for his or her contribution. Rewards ranged from a PDF of the script to naming a character in the film, with the highest backer, who donated $10,000, receiving a line in the film.

As promised in the Kickstarter project description, the film was shot during the summer after the funding period. The Veronica Mars movie will be released this Friday, March 14. Marshmallows in Champaign, however, will have to travel to see the film on the silver screen. Due to the limited distribution contract with Warner Brothers, the film will only be released in AMC Theaters. The closest ones to Champaign are in Springfield and Mattoon. Thankfully for Marshmallows who want to see the film in the comfort of their own homes, the film will become available on video-on-demand platforms on the same day of the theatrical release.

In commemoration of Veronica Mars Countdown Week, the extended pilot of the show is available for free download on iTunes. The full list of events for the week is posted on the film’s Facebook page, and the first two minutes have also been released to make Marshmallows even more eager for this historic moment in television and film history.