Student of the Week: Anna Ulanova

Some people might believe that in order to be a good candidate for college acceptance one must be in a sport.  The truth is, colleges also look for someone who is involved in clubs and other extra curricular activities.  Anna Ulanova,  freshman at Centennial, is involved in several extra curricular activities.  She is able to manage good grades and clubs after school which is why she was chosen as Student of the Week.

The Centinal: What clubs are you involved in?

Anna: Speech team, Science Olympiad, WYSE (Worldwide Youth Science and Engineering), and Math Honors Society.

The Centinal: What do you have to do for the speech team?

Anna: In the beginning of the speech season you start off by writing your speech.  Later, you have to practice enough to be able to memorize it.

The Centinal: When does your season start?

Anna: The season starts in November.  When it starts we all have to wake up early every Saturday and have our competitions.

The Centinal: Do you have something interesting about you that not many people know?

Anna: I was born in Russia