There is Still Time to Sign Up for AP Tests

The registration for Advanced Placement tests opened on Wednesday, March 5 and will be available until this Wednesday, March 19. Students can sign up for exams in the Freshman/Sophomore Center before and after school.

Teachers handed out the materials necessary for registration in their AP classes. If a student has not yet received the materials, there are extra copies in the College and Career Center and the Freshman/Sophomore Center. The forms are also available on the College and Career Center website.

Since there is little time left for registering, Laura Beata, the College and Career Counselor at Centennial, recommends that students who have not yet signed up do so as soon as possible. “There is often a little rush the last couple of days, so I would expect Wednesday to be kind of a busy day for that. Sometimes before school is less crowded than after school; a lot of people don’t think about it until after school,” noted Beata.

Tests are $89 each, but if a student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, he or she is also eligible for a fee waiver. Checks should be made payable to Centennial High School.

Centennial students who sign up to take AP exams also have to attend one of the pre-administration sessions on April 15. The sessions will be held in Room 119 at 7:30 am and again at 3:30 pm.

“[The sessions] are a chance for students taking AP exams to fill out the non-testing portions of the exam. So, there are parts of the answer sheets that [students] only have to fill out once, even if [students] are taking four, five, six, or however many AP exams. It does take a good twenty minutes to half an hour, and so we use those pre-administration sessions to get that done, so that on testing day we can pretty much get started. The only things [students] have to have on every test are identifying information, so name, your AP label for your number, stuff like that,” explained Beata.

To view the full schedule for AP exams, go to the last page of the AP Bulletin for Parents and Students.