Viral Videos

Viral videos. We have all seen them, we all love them, whether it’s PSY GANGNAM STYLE or Charlie Bit My Finger. But how do these videos go viral?

“Videos grow in popularity so long as the elements that created them stay close to social expectation of our modern culture. Rarely does an indifference make a profound effect on our culture but rather it stays in its own shadow where only those that are indifferent can appreciate its value if it speaks to them.” –Kirkland Butcher

“If it is funny or has a unexpected ending.” –Rebecca Lawless

“If people tweet about it a lot.” –Julie Mallare

“Retweets on twitter.”-Zsayla Brummett

Out of hundreds and thousands of videos out there are reaching over millions of views. What exactly qualifies as a viral video?

“A video that has become a plague to the public in which it intrigues the human curiosity or desires in a pleasant of dark manner.” –Kirkland Butcher

“A video that has lots of views in a short amount of time.”-Rebecca Lawless

“Gaining a lot hits in a short amount of time.”-Katie Brown

“Gets more than a hundred thousand views.”-Noah Herbert

There are thousands of popular viral videos but out of all of them which are the most memorable?

“Charlie the unicorn”-Justin Maid

“Charlie bit me”-Anthony Martin

“Gangnam Style”-Rebecca Lawless

“My mind is like a garden and it grows whatever I put into it whether it’d be beautiful flowers or weeds the soil is my healthy thoughts that help me grow into completion within myself or enlightenment and the weeds grow from not taking care of my mind, heart, and spirit which strengthen my faith therefor what is socially acceptable or viral isn’t meant for me unless it plans to fertilize my spirituality and make me a better human being.”-Kirkland Butcher

Based on what others have said, viral videos either bring joy into one’s life or sorrow. They become popular by opening ones curiosity and getting popular with society, and there are many memorable viral videos. In conclusion, viral videos will never end.