SPIN-OFF TV SERIES: How I met Your Dad

The oh-so-loved How I met Your Mother TV series, starring Josh Radnor, is coming to an end this month but the producers of the show aren’t ready to pack up yet! The co-creators of this show, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, along with Up All Night creator Emily Spivey, are coming together to create a spin-off series premiering fall of 2014 called How I Met Your Dad. The show, which would star a female character lead, would follow the female perspective of how a woman meets her future husband.

Contrary to popular belief, this spin-off will not be featuring the mother of the previous show, although it certainly would be quite the craze watching the creators pull together the entire 9 seasons of her side to Ted’s story. The series is said to have the same tone, look and vibe as the old show but has proclaimed that it will not feature any of the same characters.

This series will center on Sally, the messy, unpredictable, and optimistic girl who is going through a divorce, and will star Greta Gerwig (who also starred in Frances Ha, Lola Versus and Damsels in Distress).

Although originally the spin-off idea received many negative responses from numerous fans, including Time, who blatantly said under its blaring headline once, “Please do not make a How I met Your Mother spinoff,” the creators seem optimistic about it still. Carter Bays tweeted, “Our hope is that #HIMYD becomes its own magical wonderful weird thing, and the two shows stand on their own side by side.” Craig Thomas, co-creator, wrote, “…this will be its own, totally new show.”

Despite the sad habit of many spin-offs fading away into vague obscurity, such as was Joey, a spin-off of Friends back in 2004, How I met Your Dad will not include the characters of its sister show and will focus on a whole new set of people simply in the same city. The idea seems to be of spin-off material (hence the title), though there is not much “spinning off” of the old show besides the location.

Don’t forget to watch as this strange phenomenon premiers this fall—we liked the old show, so why wouldn’t we like their new one?