16th Annual Ebertfest: Actor Patton Oswalt Presents 2011 Movie Young Adult

The 16th Annual Roger Ebert’s Film Festival (also known as Ebertfest) took place at the historic Virginia Theatre in downtown Champaign from April 23 to April 27, 2014. On Thursday, April 24, Young Adult was shown at 9 pm, and actor Patton Oswalt was there to introduce the movie and answer questions after the showing.  Continue reading 16th Annual Ebertfest: Actor Patton Oswalt Presents 2011 Movie Young Adult

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continued with the 2nd installment of Captain Americas solo film titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The movie is set after the events of New York for The Avengers. Steve Rodgers aka Captain America played by Chris Evans has now gotten somewhat used to life in present times and also works for shield. S.H.I.E.L.D has now gotten a new enemy a mysterious man named the Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan who is just as strong as Cap. Returning characters are also Agent Maria Hill played by Cobie Smulders, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, and Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. There also some new characters like Sam Wilson aka the Falcon he is a new friend of Steves where he eventually helps him defeat the enemy played by Anthony Mackie, Agent 13 a shield agent that is a next door neighbor to Steve if you have read the comics she is eventually the girlfriend of Steve played by Emily VanCamp, and lastly Alexander Pierce a high executive of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Latino Youth Conference 2014

The Latino Youth Conference has been held every year since 2008 at the University of Illinois. Its goal is to help Latino students get information about college and scholarships. It’s filled with many workshops. Kids get to choose to participate in such workshops as “Managing college and a social life.” Another workshop, ‘The struggle is real,” teaches students about how to get financial aid or scholarships. Each workshop is taught by a group of volunteers from the University. Every year, the conference is a blast to attend.

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The Beginning of the End of Mad Men: Final Season Premiere to Air Sunday

Since 2007, AMC’s Mad Men has made a name for itself as a critically-acclaimed and influential television program. The show has re-glorified the advertising field, influencing many young people to pursue advertising as their college major. It has also renewed the public’s interest in the culture of the 1960’s, allowing older generations to experience nostalgia. Continue reading The Beginning of the End of Mad Men: Final Season Premiere to Air Sunday

Senior Policy is Back!

It’s almost time for graduation, my fellow seniors! This means the hustle and bustle of graduation is upon us. While finalizing all our preparations for our big day, we  have to worry about finals! At least that is how it used to be. In the past, seniors were blessed with the “senior policy,” a policy that allowed seniors to not take a final if they had an A in the class. It is my pleasure to tell you… IT’S BACK!

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