A One Ticket Graduation

Due to the construction of the new State Farm Center, graduation will be held at the Krannert Center this 2014. Because of the lack in seating, the seats per student have been limited drastically. Taking into consideration the new location and the large class size, students will only be allowed one ticket per family.

There has been much miscommunication throughout the school regarding graduation plans. The date of graduation 2014 has been set at Krannert on May 28th. Families with multiple graduates also fall under the one-ticket criteria.

It is understood that some students have large families and or want to invite multiple people, but the location chosen is not suitable for such requests. It has also been discussed that extra tickets will be placed into a raffle for students to win; however, due to the limited space, one ticket per student is all that will be allowed.

We are sorry for the extreme inconvenience to the graduating class of 2014. Graduation will be back at the State Farm Center next year once remodeling is finished.

Talking to a couple students, they responded:

“I am going to need more than one because my parents are divorced so it will be like having four families that I would want to be there,” said Brianna Perry.

“Having one ticket per person is not fair to us that have bigger families. I have two brothers and a sister who have been looking forward to my graduation and now I have to choose between my mom or dad,” commented Ashleigh O’Dell.


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