The Beginning of the End of Mad Men: Final Season Premiere to Air Sunday

Since 2007, AMC’s Mad Men has made a name for itself as a critically-acclaimed and influential television program. The show has re-glorified the advertising field, influencing many young people to pursue advertising as their college major. It has also renewed the public’s interest in the culture of the 1960’s, allowing older generations to experience nostalgia.

Now, after six magnificent seasons, the four-time Emmy-winning show is drawing to a close. The show’s network AMC has decided to approach the show’s end with the same strategy they used with their other award-winning drama Breaking Bad, by splitting the final season into two. The first seven episodes of the final season will premiere this Sunday, April 13, while the second seven episodes will air in the spring of 2015. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner announced that the halves will contain titles, the first half being called “The Beginning,” and the last half being titled “The End of an Era.”

The past season ended with the show’s protagonist Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) at his all-time low, having been distanced from his advertising agency and having revealed his origin to his children. There is hope that this season will deal with the resolution of his problems. Weiner commented that the final season will be “ambitious” and filled with many “dense events.”

Mad Men, naturally, is a brilliantly advertised show. For one of its past season campaigns, the show’s executives teamed up with Banana Republic to create their own collection, but this season’s campaign has had a great social media aspect. Fans (called Mad Mennies due to January Jones’s 2009 Saturday Night Live monologue) have been logging onto Facebook just to see the daily piece of promotion. Part of the campaign consists of flashback videos of each main character throughout the whole series timed perfectly in under two minutes. Mad Mennies are also being encouraged through Facebook promotional stills to binge watch the entire series before the final season premiere.

It is safe to say that a huge mass of Mad Mennies will tune in to AMC to watch the season premiere this Sunday 10/9c, one hour later than the previous season’s time slot. Until then, you can still binge watch the previous seasons on Netflix.