Teachers Reflect on Having to Say Goodbye to Seniors

The end of the school year is approaching for the seniors, as their last day of class is Wednesday, May 21. That day, they will be leaving behind not only their classmates, friends, and an accumulation of four years of memories and knowledge but also the teachers who played a big part in their learning. Every year, teachers see their senior students move on from high school to another part of their journey, and saying goodbye evokes many different emotions. Continue reading Teachers Reflect on Having to Say Goodbye to Seniors

Canceled Television Shows of 2014

It is always sad when one’s favorite television show ends, but it is even sadder if that end is the result of a cancellation. Currently, it is cancellation season, and networks are making their final decisions on which shows to keep and which to drop. There has already been much sobbing over the cancellation of NBC’s Community from its dedicated fandom, but it is possible that many other fandoms will be crushed by their show ending. Here is the current list of shows that have been announced to be canceled by the major networks.  Continue reading Canceled Television Shows of 2014

2014 Trends: Spring into Summer Fashion

A new year means a new chance to update our wardrobes and ourselves as fashion’s constant evolution takes new turns and inspires new themes. Bold slogans, backwards buttons and cowgirl mashups: just when you thought spring dressing had run out of ideas, 2014’s trends come along and prove everyone wrong. Snap up some of our top buys for spring/summer 2014 below, selected with the key trends of the season in mind, and you’ll have the perfect capsule wardrobe to take you through to the warmer months.

Continue reading 2014 Trends: Spring into Summer Fashion