Tips for a Healthy, Low-Stress Prom Night

Prom is in less than 1 week. For most girls, this means you want to look your absolute best and impress all your classmates/rivals on the big night.

  • Drink tons of water. Bring a water bottle to school and drink water from it all day. Ideally, you will be able to drink 3 water bottles throughout the whole day. If water bores you, put lemon slices or berries in your water to add subtle flavor.
  • Moisturize your face with an unscented and natural moisturizer twice a day.
  • A week in advance, do a facial mask. They can be purchased for fairly cheap at any drugstore, or makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta. Avacado or cucumber masks are good for moisturizing and cleansing, and are not as harsh on sensitive skin as a scrub may be.
  • Exfoliate, then moisturize your arms, legs, shoulders and back daily to make sure your skin stays soft and healthy, since your prom dress most likely shows your arms, shoulders and back.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean protein. This helps you in many ways, such as increasing your metabolism rate (only slightly), giving you lasting energy, reducing carb/salt bloating and helping your skin/hair/teeth look vibrant.
  • Treat your skin with kindness when you go outside. Apply sunscreen whether there is sun or not. UV rays peek through even under cloud cover, so it is safer to just apply a sunscreen in the morning before applying any daily makeup. A peeling sunburn for prom night would not be ideal. Tanning beds are also harsh on skin. If you desire a tan, get a spray tan or use a gradual bronzing lotion in the week leading up to prom. Don’t feel pressured to get a tan, because sometimes it’s better to stay porcelain.
  • Prom planning, as well as AP tests and finals, can be stressful. Whenever you feel particularly stressed or anxious, use techniques to relieve some of  the anxiety. You can take a relaxing bath with lavender bath oil, get a massage, drink hot tea, exercise or any other coping methods that help you.
  • If you are buying new shoes, wear them before the actual night of prom so that they have time to become accustomed to your feet. You don’t want to have uncomfortable shoes or unpleasant blisters on such a fun-and long- night.
  • Stay hydrated the night of prom so you don’t get a headache. You want to feel your best since you’ll be up later than usual, if not all night.
  • Plan in advance for your hair, makeup and clothing. Having the beauty and hair tools you need on-hand will make getting ready considerably less stressful, especially if you’re getting ready with friends.
  • Make lists for everything. This includes who in your prom group is driving whom, whose house you’re going to change clothes at (after prom, before post-prom), who will be with you and where you’re going for any post-post-prom activities. It makes keeping track of everyone much easier and gives you a solid idea of what your night will  be like, logistically speaking.
  • Even if you have made lists and planned every detail,  you need to be flexible. Your night will not go exactly how you expected. Be patient and considerate of your friends and your date.
  • One of the biggest illusions of high school is the romanticized idea of prom as the “perfect night”. Don’t buy into this, because real life is not a fairy tale. You may feel like one, but you’re not actually a princess. Prom is not the ball and it is not your wedding. Although you will look gorgeous, this is not only about you. Above all, Prom is about celebrating and having a fun time with friends and classmates. If you prepare for a great, fun night that is what you will get. Don’t count on any “prom magic” to happen and suddenly make your night spectacular. The amount of fun you have depends mainly on your attitude, not on looking perfect.

Have a safe, fun and healthy prom night!