2014 Trends: Spring into Summer Fashion

A new year means a new chance to update our wardrobes and ourselves as fashion’s constant evolution takes new turns and inspires new themes. Bold slogans, backwards buttons and cowgirl mashups: just when you thought spring dressing had run out of ideas, 2014’s trends come along and prove everyone wrong. Snap up some of our top buys for spring/summer 2014 below, selected with the key trends of the season in mind, and you’ll have the perfect capsule wardrobe to take you through to the warmer months.

1. 90’s Comeback

There’s always an “it” decade, but we all knew the ‘90s resurgence wasn’t going anywhere. Finally it’s time for the 90’s fashion to make its comeback. That’s why come spring, you can stock up on an array of 1990s-inspired looks. High waisted shorts and crop tops are back in season. If the top is tight, go for looser bottoms or skirts. If the top is loose, go for tighter bottoms-simple as that. (Bonus points if anyone finds an old Nirvana shirt at a thrift shop.)

2. Artful Color and Pastels

Artpop is now the major color scheme of the 2014 season. So get your pastel on! Bright colors are happy colors. This season demands splashes of bright color and pieces that are rich, dramatic, and arguably regal. Mint and coral are two of the top spring colors for 2014; whether they be sported through your clothes, nails, or accessories, the pop of color will be sure to brighten up the day. If you’re feeling a little classy, the simplicity of black and white is always in fashion as well.

3. Cropped shirts for spring: how to make them work for you

Crop tops are making for a bold return amongst the 2014 fashion trends by bringing along a fresh way of bearing a bit of stomach. The popularity of the crop top in recent seasons has given rise to several complementary trends. Some, like the bandeau, feel instantly familiar. Others, like the cropped shirt, feel utterly fresh. Both, and the crop top included, don’t depend on perfect abs, anything but.  An inevitable and welcome evolution of the crop top trend, the cropped shirt has a classic, sophisticated vibe that lends itself to both feminine and masculine interpretations. Merging the old with the utterly fresh and new, there are plenty of ways to style the cropped shirt and make it a statement this spring.

4. The Shift Blouse and Button-Up

Scandalous? Perhaps, but the button-up collared blouse is back in a big way – but interpreted how you see fit. While you can opt for the most traditional take (albeit loose-fitting), PJ-inspired wear is also super trendy, whether it be flowy collared shirts or wide-legged patterned pants.

5. Oversized, boyish, cool: how to go masculine for spring

Nothing says fashion forward like being the first to jump onto a bold new shape. Embrace sneakers, slouchy pants, masculine tailored blazers and oversized shirts, because menswear for women has gotten even more effortlessly cool. While the return of mid-cropped culottes aren’t exactly new, their volume and proportion in spring 2014 is unlike what we’ve seen in recent memory. Now considered ultra-chic, as well as figure forgiving, the mid-cropped culotte should be on your radar for spring 2014. It’s all about volume, layering, and an underlying attitude when it comes to wearing the masculine trend this spring.

6. Cowgirl style: going West for spring

What goes around comes around. And like that, cowgirl fashion is back – newly evolved and spanning the gamut from pin-up girl to minimalist.

7. Cropped Jackets and Hooded Cardigans

While cropped jackets and previous seasons’ boyfriend blazers have little in common length-wise, this season’s jacket styles are still just as boxy – if not boxier – and oversized. Bomber, military, and denim are the perfect jackets for those cool spring nights. If you desire a lighter option, loose hooded cardigans are making a banging comeback and are always convenient to throw on before you bolt out the door.

8. Florals for spring 2014: the new dawn of femininity

There’s little point in defining florals a spring trend – it’s spring after all, flowers are everywhere, floral fashion abounds. While florals may be forever in fashion during spring, each season brings with it a slightly different interpretation of the look.

 9. Blinding white

There’s something about the simplicity of all white that portrays the perfect picture of innocence on a girl. It also happens to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Continuing to influence the runways with its ethereal grace, white met lace and the two of them together ended up shaping the one combination to rock all throughout spring and summer 2014. From pretty tops to elegant ensembles and dainty dresses, there’s no limit to the number of ways allowing you to integrate the simplicity of white into your wardrobe. Key to sporting the trend this spring is to fully embrace your feminine side. Deck yourself in all white for a pure youthful glow.

10. Choose romance for spring

For a more feminine look, replace the shorts with a skirt. Skater skirts and circle skirts add the perfect amount of spice to your outfit, and can be worn with crop tops or cardigans. If you want a sprinkle of elegance, incorporate pencil and maxi skirts. If you want an antique classy-looking skirt reminiscent of Gatsby parties, go with tea length.

11. Accessories that pop

If your outfit is a little Plain Jane, don’t be afraid to go loud on the accessories. Statement necklaces add the perfect accent to an otherwise mediocre top and look gorgeous with a simple tank.

12. Stand out in a crowd

Feeling a little bold? Dungarees & overalls are back. Relaxed, easy, cool: there’s something so appealing about a pair of dungarees. This spring, bibbed overalls have made their comeback in everything from classic denim to luxurious statement-making leather. If you want a cute way to express the quirky and fabulous self you are, check out the kimonos and rompers circling the fashion industry for this summer-you’ll be sure to turn heads.

13. How to master the art of sheer layering

Sheer clothing became mainstream long ago, but each season brings new interpretations and new rules of the game. One of the key ways to wear see-through fabrics in spring 2014? By layering. From sheers layered with opaques to sheer-on-sheer, there are endless ways to master the art of sheer layering.

14. Saying it and saying it loud: why statements & slogans are still a novelty

Graphic tees are always cool, but especially trendy for this spring. If there’s one way to guarantee eyes will be drawn your way in spring / summer 2014, it’s by indulging in some bold, wearable typography. Slogans, statements and even abstract lettering simply call for attention, as well as start conversations. Band tees or logo shirts are perfect paired with a plaid shirt for a laid-back vibe.

15. Spice it up: Pattern Mixing

Nobody can deny a little pattern. The five streaming prints of 2014 are tribal, cameo, acid wash, floral, and polka dots. These can be styled on almost any clothing item. Don’t shy from mixing patterns. As long as they are from the same color family, when matched well, varying patterns mesh beautifully. However, beware of mixing patterns and colors at the same time. You can colorblock and patternblock, just not at the same time.

16. Sweater Hoarder

Are you a sweater lover? No biggie, that fabric is here to stay. Short sleeved and sleeveless sweaters are making a huge comeback for spring, and can still be worn without compromising your body heat.

17. The Hair

Bad hair day? Jazz up your hair with accessories! Hair bows, bandanas, topknots, and braided bands are totally trendy and can keep that wild hairdo at bay.

18. Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.

What’s great about combat boots is that they can still be worn in warmer weather. Pair it with some edgy shorts to give your outfit some edge, or a preppy dress to give your outfit some balance. If you want something a little more girly, you can never go wrong with nude ballet flats or a pair of solid Oxfords. If you’re dressing down for the day, opt for canvas sneakers or espadrilles.