Know Your Principal: Greg Johnson

“The best part of being principal is the energy it brings…just working with students it’s fun”, says Greg Johnson, the principal of Centennial High School.  As I sat down with Johnson we talked about a wide range of things from new rules to athletics at Centennial. Here are some of the things we discussed.

For upcoming events at Centennial the first home football game is this Friday so everyone come support the team. Also, open house is coming up this week so that should be fun for parents. He also mentioned how he is starting a student committee this year, that will consist of all the club presidents. He said they will discuss things to help Centennial be more fun and interactive.

Lastly he said he is looking forward to the athletics this year at Centennial. “The golf team is looking phenomenal this year”, he said. Also basketball is going to have some new varsity players so we’re expecting a good season.

So in all Johnson is looking forward to a good year at Centennial, and is doing what he can to make it that way.