Interact Club

Interact, a community service organization, has 40 Seniors and Jeron Blood as their top dog  and faculty advisor. With Brittany Freuhling as their president and with the mindset, “service before self”, this club is sure to accomplish a lot this year.

Meeting once a week every Thursday morning in the Library at Centennial High School gets the job done for this group. Discussing raising money and doing service projects for organizations, their first task was taking on the freshman dance!

If you want to become a part of this group, then don’t neglect to set up an interview with Mr. Blood if you receive a letter from him by the end of your Junior year!


Co-written by Trevor Vallese.

FLS Class: Life Lessons Last Beyond the Snack Cart

You may pass the Functional Life Skills class every day. You may buy something from the snack cart. What you may not know is what the students do there. The Functional Life Skills classroom is for students with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Jeron Blood is the head teacher for the Life Skills students in rooms 110 and 111. The class teaches social skills like budgeting, and buying groceries. There are 15 students in the Functional Life Skills class this 2014-2015 school year.

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Charger Spotlight: Choir

“It’s like a loving, fun family environment to go to when I need a break”.  The way Senior Grace Khachaturian puts it choir sounds like a fun place to go every day during school. Choir is a class available to all students.  All you have to do to get involved is go to your councilor and sign up for the class and you’re in.  The class is held hours 2, 3, 5, and 7.

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