Charger Spotlight: Choir

“It’s like a loving, fun family environment to go to when I need a break”.  The way Senior Grace Khachaturian puts it choir sounds like a fun place to go every day during school. Choir is a class available to all students.  All you have to do to get involved is go to your councilor and sign up for the class and you’re in.  The class is held hours 2, 3, 5, and 7.

Choir is different from your normal class because there are different meetings as a group outside of the classroom setting led by Marian Wyatt. “Nothing, just a love for music and I think everyone has that”. Wyatt said when asked what should you know before joining the choir. So don’t be afraid to join the choir if you aren’t the best singer Wyatt said when she has a new student she doesn’t expect them to be a beautiful singer as long as they are a learner and willing to get better.

The goals for the class are the same every year and that’s to sound better than the year before. The choir will be showing off their talents September 19th singing the national anthem at the Central vs Centennial game. Also in October they have a week full of singing. October 13 they will be performing at the FMEA competition then on Oct 16, they will hold their first concert of the year.