Charger Spotlight: French Club

Learn about French culture this year in Centennial’s French Club! Lead by French teachers Madame Orrison and Madame Wilder, French Club meets about once a month right after school in room 221, typically on a Wednesday. “We learn about the fun stuff we don’t have time for in class.” Madame Orrison explained happily.

Erisa Nakamura, a senior who is going on her fourth year as a French Club member, admits, “My favorite part, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite part, is eating.” The majority of French club meetings are spent experiencing aspects of French culture through one of the worlds’ greatest delights: food! Peyton Herbert, junior and French Club member of three years can certainly agree. She explains, “We usually do a French based craft, and eat a sort of French based dish.” While Peyton’s favorite French cuisine is croissants with Nutella, Nakamura really enjoys the crepes. “Crepes are kind of like a mix between a burrito and a pancake,” she clarified, “We got to choose our own toppings like Nutella, strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream.”
On other occasions, French Club decorated and devoured Eiffel tower shaped cookies. The best part? Anyone is welcome. “Students should know that you dont have to be taking a French class to join French Club. They just have to be open to experiencing a piece of French culture.” said Herbert. Be listening for club meeting dates in the announcements starting this September. French club meetings are starting to be planned now by students during the school day or after school. Talk to Madame Orrison or Madame Wilder if you are interested in being part of planning French Club activities. Madame Orrison suggests bringing a group of friends to learn the aesthetics and eatery of France together.