FLS Class: Life Lessons Last Beyond the Snack Cart

You may pass the Functional Life Skills class every day. You may buy something from the snack cart. What you may not know is what the students do there. The Functional Life Skills classroom is for students with developmental and cognitive disabilities. Jeron Blood is the head teacher for the Life Skills students in rooms 110 and 111. The class teaches social skills like budgeting, and buying groceries. There are 15 students in the Functional Life Skills class this 2014-2015 school year.

The class focuses on teaching its students how to properly navigate social situations in their daily lives. Throughout their time in the school, they do a myriad of different activities to try and learn these skills. They go on Community Based Instruction outings where they learn how to use the bus system, buy groceries, and apply for jobs and internships. These students also operate the snack cart. This activity helps them learn how to give change, and also gives them opportunities to interact with other students. “Our students belong to an underemployed demographic.” Blood says, and it’s important that they learn the social skills necessary to get jobs and navigate the community. The Functional Life Skills students also attend elective classes for more social and educational opportunities.

Students can assist the Functional Life Skills class daily as a class period. Senior Nick Taylor has volunteered for the Life Skills class since freshman year. His favorite part of the experience is “Seeing other students interact with the Life Skills students.” If you would like to volunteer for the life skills class talk to your counselor. Blood notes that there may be an elective class specific to this opportunity in the near future.