Charger Spotlight: C-U Scholars

“The best part of being a CU Scholar is meeting new people while volunteering for my community”,  says Sophomore Conner Hemming. Champaign-Urbana scholars is a great opportunity for high school students to get out and be involved in their communities. Students can get involved with the C-U scholar’s organization by signing up at registration before every new school year.

Patricia Bates, the head of the C-U Scholars organization, says “The most common question I get every year is ‘How do I get volunteer hours?’ and the answer is found on our website” ( Bates also encourages those interested in the C-U Scholars program to become friends with the group on Facebook. C-U Scholars requires many hours of volunteering.  Over a four year period, students will accumulate over 80 hours of service. Volunteering opportunities range from handing Gatorade to marathon runners, to volunteering at a nursing home.

Freshman and Sophomore students involved with C-U Scholars went on an enrichment activity to Parkland College on June 5th. During the enrichment activity, students from all over Champaign-Urbana were divided off into teams of about 20 fellow C-U Scholars. In these teams, students toured Parkland College’s campus while doing math problems, sitting in lectures about the modern day workforce, and participating in team building activities. Hemming said “The best part about that field trip was the opportunity to meet other C-U Scholars and learn about what jobs are becoming available in today’s market.”

Juniors in C-U Scholars attend a financial literacy component, where they’re introduced to many new things. How to manage money, make investments, pay for college, to name a few.

So if you’re interested in becoming a C-U Scholar, please make sure to sign up next year at registration. If you’re already a C-U Scholar, sign up to receive e-mails about volunteering opportunities. Add C-U Scholars on Facebook as well, to learn how to log your hours.

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