Charger Spotlight: Fashion Club

There is a new club starting at Centennial High School. Fashion club an amazing new idea from senior, Kieryn Alexander and Charlie Weinberg. Fashion club meets every Thursday in Charlie Weinbergs room and is welcome to everyone. If you would like to attend a meeting become a part of this amazing new club, Talk to Kieryn Alexander or Ariam Tesfaye or just show up at any meeting you can!

“Mr. Weinberg and I talked a lot about how you don’t have a certain background to express your opinopn, you can come from anywhere. We just wanted to make a club to welcome everyone who doesn’t exactly know how to express themselves, or the way they dress. We want to help them feel comfortable  through fashion.” The main purpose behind fashion club is to bring everyone together, and make them feel welcome. Anyone can join fashion club, you can just come to participate in the ideas and the conversation.